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With operations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Maryland, Bill Anskis Company, Inc. is a dynamic construction operation that excels in general, architectural, concrete construction, as well as highway and bridge rehabilitation.
With an excellent command of all construction trades, we can fully man any project – whatever the size and whatever type of crew is required.  We solicit large and small contracts – adequately financed company, capable of financing any project (large or small) awarded to us.
Building on more than 50 years of experience, we:
  • Provide key personnel trained to maintain the tempo of the project for the earliest possible completion;
  • Coordinate the purchase and delivery of all materials and services needed for any project so these items are available when needed on the job;
  • Complete projects under a number of types of contracts, such as firm price, time and materials, cost plus fee, maximum price with shared contract savings;
  • Enforce diligent safety protocol that fully comply with the requirements of OSHA.
  • Excellent Safety Record
                PennDot Approved         Masonry Restoration         Concrete Construction
                General Construction     Waterproofing                    Asphaltic Plugs
                Bridge Rehabilitation      Protective Coatings          Concrete Restoration
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